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“Cloissonné Glass”

The most brilliant stained glass of Modernism.

Cloisonne Glass is a technique imported from England in 1899 by Frederic Vidal i Puig, which was started at the Cloisonne Glass Company in London.

During a period of approximately five years this stained glass technique was used in his workshops. The pieces that survived belonged to the ´Bertran i Serra´ house, currently they are in the Museum of Modernism and in the National Museum of Catalonia.

There are many qualities of this technique: greater brightness and light, the design is suspended in space, without metal straps. And in turn is more protected thanks to the inner chamber being secured between the double-glazing.

The process for the Cloisonne is very laborious and at the same time unknown since there were no records of how to do it nor are there any current pieces of work.

After years of study we can show that again this technique can be used to make stained glass again with all its beauty for both new and reproduction of old work.

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