Carrer de les Carolines 23, 08012 Barcelona / T. +034 93 158 21 31


Our Story


Brots Creatius was started up as a ceramic and mosaic workshop in 1997 for new and restoration work, under the name Brots Mosaic.

Initially as artisans, we set up the shop/workshop in Poble Espanyol, in Montjuic, Barcelona, where we were based from 2003 to 2011. The kit then came about from the interest of the visitors of ´ Poble Espanyol´ to learn these techniques and to think of it as something fun and easy to do at home without any supervision. It involves first contact with the materials and tools.

We are currently located at Carrer de les Carolines 23, in front of Casa Vicens, which is the first work of the architect Antonio Gaudí in Barcelona.
It is a shop / workshop where you will find various kits, ceramic materials, tools and everything you need to make your own designs.

We also carry out new work and restoration of Mosaic, Trencadís and stained Cloisonné Glass.

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