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Mosaic & “Pixel”


Mosaic, a technique dating back to the Bronze Age, uses a range of different colours and materials to create decorative compositions.
Pixel Art is a digital art form, created by the computer in the 80’s during the last century, which has been developed and holds a place of its own.

It is very similar to the effect created with the cross stitch. It forces the simplification of shapes whilst at the same time also forces the abstraction of many elements of the image. The result is only what is left over is what is essential.

The kit uses colour ceramic tiles of 1 cm x 1cm and being of small format creates the pixelated effect. The kit has been developed to facilitate the elaboration of jobs to all those who cannot nor want to use pliers to cut the tiles and that also want to experiment with the mosaic. This craft is faster to do.

The kit consists of a colour template, fiberglass, white glue,instructions, cement glue for the finish and bag of ceramic tiles of different colours.

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